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Tip: Formulas in day to day use...

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04-27-2004 04:40 PM
OK so here's a tip I've been using for a long time, due to the fact that an old software of mine (Truespace) worked the same way:

Anytime Revit asks for a value, like when drawing a wall and using direct entry, or when you've clicked on a temporary or real dim string to edit that distance, or when you're editing the parameters within a type in your project, or when you're modeling something in the family editor....

Try this: type the equal sign first. Then type in any math formula you may want, and hit enter, and watch Revit calc out the value and insert it for you into that spot.

For example: Open a blank new project. Click on Wall and click a start point for that wall somewhere on the ground floor plan. Move the mouse in the direction you want to draw the wall, then type "=7 7 7/8 * 15 / 2" just like that, spaces included, and you'll get a wall that's 57' 5 1/16" long- which is 7' 7 7/8", times fifteen, then divided by 2.

Now click on that wall again, and click in the temp. dim. string value of it's length, and put a '=" in front of the value and a '/ 2' behind the value and hit enter, and you get a wall that's 28' 8 17/32" long- half the length of 57' 5 1/16"...

One of my favorite features, and one that I always forget to tell people about because I take it for granted.
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