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Thumbnail Explorer- companion tool for Revit and Autocad 2007

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07-09-2006 09:09 AM
Thumbnail Explorer is the perfect companion tool for anyone who deals with
graphics, office files or CAD and has more then a handful of files. The
software allows you to quickly and easily find any file across multiple
folders without browsing or using Windows search. As you type a part of file
name Thumbnail Explorer will show a list of thumbnails and will enable you
to work with corresponding files without resorting to Windows Explorer.

The software supports thumbnail extraction for any kinds of files that show
their thumbnails in Windows Explorer including Autocad 2007, Revit,
Illustrator, etc. Search results show the same right click menu as Windows
Explorer and can be double clicked or drag-and-dropped into their native
applications. Easy to use interface requires no training and can be
customized to your work environment and files.

Software works in English and French depending on user's environment. Free
trial is available for download at
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