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Third Party Updater Error Message

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08-02-2012 06:25 PM

I am at wits end here.


Revit 2013 BSP - Structural Flavor


Revit Arch 2013


Working in the same project file. Revit BSP doesn't get the error. However, RAC users gets the follow error:


File <xxx> was modified by the third-party updater AREXRevitStart:Extensions:smileyvery-happy:ReinfWall which is not installed.


If you continue to edit the file, data maintained by AREXRevitStart:REXExtension: DReinfWall will not be updated properly. This may create problems when <xxx> is later opened when AREXRevitStart:REXExtension: DReinfWall is present.


1) What is this extension? in question


2) How do I turn off this error OR how do I install the needed 3rd party extension



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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

08-17-2012 07:25 AM in reply to: phatpaul1976

Have you had any luck on this?


We have been getting this error as well and the most recent testing lead us to believe that the cause of this is due to the Building Design Suite Premium Extensions 2013.


Seems like BDSP Extensions 2013 is not compatible with Revit Arch 2013 and causes the error message(s). Uninstalling it doesn't help either. However, those who have BDSP Ext 2013 do not receive the errors, only RArch users do. Pretty much tried everything. My option now is to start all over unless Adsk releases a hotfix of sorts.....


It's left me scratching my head......

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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

08-17-2012 09:18 AM in reply to: M.Hussaini

Received this from Autodesk today:


The cause of this, there was a user that accessed and modified the file using a 3rd party updater (in this case "DreinfWall"), which the client does not have (thus triggering the message and most likely the crash). As these elements were modified using this updater, they are essentially owned by the updater and any modifications made outside of the updater, could cause issues when the file is opened or modified with the updater, as the user is reporting

For 2012 and later, the "do not warn" option was included so that you can disassociate the file with the 3rd party updater. I would check that option and continue working. When they get new files to link in, I would open it, disassociate it, save it, and then link the file.

To make sure the updater does not keep doing this, please review the following blog post which has steps for changing the code of the updater:

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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

01-10-2013 03:47 PM in reply to: phatpaul1976

So the 'Third Party updater" that Autodesk mentions is actually their own product. It is the Reinforcement tool in the Autodesk Revit Extensions. Also it is not limited to affecting users of RAC2013. RVT2013 users running just the Arch profile are running into this as well.dreinf____.png

Can anyone from Autodesk chime in on updating the code in REX to match their own best practice that was linked to earlier here?

Can this truly just be 'ignored' by the end user and it will not affect them again? I'm getting mixed reports here on if this actually has an effect on the stability of the product.

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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

03-26-2013 09:48 AM in reply to: hermeytheelf

Just started getting this same error in Arch with linked models from MEP and Structural.  Can this message be ignored by the Architects as they won't be modifying the struct model?

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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

08-26-2013 08:14 AM in reply to: RichardBinning2010

We are now seeing this in 2014. Our office has both BDSP and RAC and the RAC users get this error dialog.


I imagine we will be uninstalling the Autodesk Revit Extensions until this is sorted out.

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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

08-26-2013 10:55 AM in reply to: blitz.chris

Hi everyone,


This message simply means that an add-in (in this case one of the Revit extensions) is not present on the computer on which the file is being opened. There is no bug and no corruption of the file - the message is there to inform you that an add-in made automatic changes to your file previously and that data maintained by the add-in may become out of date if you change the file without the add-in installed.


For example, the reinforcement add-in automatically updates the rebar inside of a column when the column size changes. If you change the size of a column without the add-in installed, then the rebar will not be updated and will end up in the "wrong" size/location. The add-in won't know to automatically update the rebar in this column even if the add-in is used on it later unless the column is modified again.


It you are NOT planning to modify the file, it is completely safe to ignore the warning and open the file.


If you are planning to make changes, you have two options:

1. Install the add-in so that it can continue to update necessary elements.

2. If you are sure that your changes won't affect the add-in or you know that the elements maintained by the add-in will be updated/recreated later anyway,  you can continue to work with the file.


Bottom line, the file is completely safe to use, modify etc, just be careful to make sure that elements are properly updated (possibly manually) if/when the file is returned back to an environment where the add-in is present.



Sasha Varsanofieva

Revit Platform Technologies Product Manager

Sasha Crotty
Product Manager
Revit Platform Technologies
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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

09-03-2013 10:47 AM in reply to: sasha.crotty

The problem is that the extension seems to be structural in nature and only installed on BDSP systems (and presumably Revit Structure), not Revit Architecture, so there is no way for us to install the necessary extension for our RAC users.


We have three users on BDSP and three on RAC (2014). All are running the latest update and have the Revit Extensions installed (from the subscription site). We have one model that somehow was "touched" with the DReinfWall extension and now generates the error dialog on open for all of the RAC users.


Is there any way to determine which model Elements are generating this error? And if so can we remove the REX data?


I'm sure the use of DReinfWall was accidental. Other than completely un-installing all of the Revit Extensions for everyone, is there a way to prevent this from happening again?


Thank you,





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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

09-05-2013 01:06 AM in reply to: blitz.chris

I am also keen to see if there is a way to disable this across the board, or eliminate the offending element.

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Re: Third Party Updater Error Message

09-19-2013 12:55 PM in reply to: sasha.crotty

We have uninstalled this add-in long time ago, it has not been used on ANY current projects and all of a sudden ALL projects get this error message when open from my machine. Nobody else gets this error message. Also, "do not notify me again..." option does not work. It notifies every time. Clearly, this is a bug. Please advise! Thank you.

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