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Stacked Walls

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04-03-2012 03:58 PM

I am having difficulty creating a stacked wall.  I am trying to do one type of wall stacked on top of a brick wall.  I set up the stacked wall in the property type editor, but when I view the wall in the drawing it shows to be brick all the way up.  I'm not seeing the second wall type.  Any thoughts?

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Re: Stacked Walls

04-03-2012 09:31 PM in reply to: chris.mckinzie

I understand you want the top part of your stacked wall to have a different exterior

finish than the bottom part.


Find out what the name of that top part of the stacked wall is by clicking on the stacked

wall and opening its type properties. In its type properties, click the edit structure so you

can see the "name" of that top part. Then get out of that dialog and go find the name of

that top wall part in your project browser in the list of wall families.

When you find the wall you are looking for in the project browser, right click it and select

type properties. In that wall's properties hit edit structure and change the exterior material

to something other than what your bottom wall material is.











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