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Spot Slope Placement

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06-21-2012 08:57 AM

I seem to be having an issue with spot slope placement in section view. What I am looking for is a spot slope tag to be placed above the sloping roof as show in the attached PDF labeled example 1. However, in some of my section views the spot slope tag will only attach to the inside of the slope and is locked to that line as shown in the attached PDF labeled example two. I have gone through the tag properties looking for a correct and have found nothing. I have also tried hitting the tab key repeatedly to cycle through different elements the tag could attach to; which also does not work. Is there a setting or other change I need to make so that I can get the spot slope tags in example 2 to resemble the tags in example 1?



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Re: Spot Slope Placement

06-21-2012 09:56 AM in reply to: smikrut11

Perhaps you have a confusion about the usage of the Spot Slope tool. It requires 2 clicks. The first click is just to select the plane that needs to be measured for slope, and the second click is to select the side of that plane (above or below) where you want to locate the annotation.


Therefore, instead of using the tab key, simply provide the first click, which just selects the plane, and then provide the second click, which selects the placement side. Once the family is placed, there will be also a flip control that you can use to flip the annotation to the opposite side, if necessary.

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Re: Spot Slope Placement

06-21-2012 10:16 AM in reply to: Alfredo_Medina

I have tried that as well and the tag locks down after only one click, it never gives me the option for the second placement click nor do flip arrows show up.

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