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Re: Sketchy Line pattern

04-27-2012 02:00 AM in reply to: parveen.revit

just joking...

Parveen_Intec_Infocom (BIM, CAD, GIS, QS Services' Provider)
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Re: Sketchy Line pattern

04-27-2012 05:27 AM in reply to: jesser

Thanks for the feedback.  We have Sketchup Pro, which I am assuming is the $500 version you are talking about.  I'll take a look and see what steps are needed. 

I am trying to avoid using multiple programs, because I feel it is a waste of time to do this and I don't want to lose the efficiency of REVIT.  I assme with using sketchup I won't be able to apply this to all sheets, but rather individual views.   As more and more people feel comfortable with hard lined drawings and don't associate them with being finished, this issue is more psychological.





Jesse Remick

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Re: Sketchy Line pattern

05-23-2012 05:19 AM in reply to: jesser

Here's what I've done to get those line extensions you see in SketchUp into a Revit view.  It gives it a bit of a sketch-y look that may be more appealing to folks.  Yes, this requires a pro version of SketchUp.


1. In Revit -- Export Revit view that you want to make sketchy to a .dwg

2. In SketchUP -- Import the .dwg into SketchUp

3. Still in SketchUp -- Export a 2D Graphic.  In that dialogue box, select Options in the lower right corner.  You can make adjustments to the line extensions here.  I would suggest 2 to 3 inches at first, then you can adjust.  Leave all the other options on the defaults.

4.  In Revit -- Under the Insert tab on the ribbon, select Link CAD.  Link in the .dwg you just exported out of SketchUp.  Make the line colors black and white.  All the other defaults are okay.  Place this linked file on top of your Revit view, aligning the line work.  This may take a little finessing with more that one view.  At this point you should seen the line extensions.

5. In Revit -- Adjust the line weights using the Override Graphics in View -> By Element for the linked file.  Select your line weight and adjust to suit.


You'll need to do this for every view that you want to give the look to.  Hope this helps someone.  I was pretty happy with the results and it only took a few minutes.

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Re: Sketchy Line pattern

05-20-2013 12:14 PM in reply to: jesser

I agree, Revit should at least have a add in for squiggly lines. It is architectural. My lecturers prefer Archicad and it is one of the reason why, they say Revit  is too ridged and formal in presentation. Please Autodesk, this is huge in the architectural circles. Everybody needs to buy Sketch-Up just get this effect.



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