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Rotated Solid not cut by Arrayed Extrusion Void

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11-27-2013 08:38 AM

I have created a simple pipe fitting family, a soil vent pipe terminal infact, but I cannot get the solid body created from a rotated profile to be cut by an arrayed extrusion void.  I keep getting the error message, 'Can't keep the elements joined'!  Anyone have any ideas why this should be?  I attach the file out of interest.

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Re: Rotated Solid not cut by Arrayed Extrusion Void

11-27-2013 10:05 AM in reply to: IMCornish

strech the Void curved face so not to lie onto the face of your revoved object ...Revit has problems of interpretation when two surfaces are one upon the other...

Image 344.png


Image 345.png

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Re: Rotated Solid not cut by Arrayed Extrusion Void

11-27-2013 06:09 PM in reply to: constantin.stroescu

To the original poster: Consider simplifying the geometry of your fitting family. Adding voids to families should be restricted to the minimum necessary because Revit takes more memory and time to process voids than to process solids. Adding tiny ins and outs to the volume of a family that is so small that we can put it on the palm of the hand is not worthy. It creates an object that displays as a black dot in the typical views of 1/8" (1:100) or 1/4" (1:50) scale. Not to mention the time it takes to you to make an array of voids and all that.


Other more important things to consider when doing a fitting are: lookup tables, type catalogs, correct sizes for the type of pipe, and connectors. That's the important stuff that is more worthy of the effort.

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