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Room Calculation Points - Am I missing the point?

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06-05-2013 07:53 AM

I was so excited to see this feature, but now I am wondering why or what am I missing with it.


I activated the Room Calculation Point parameter in my families and proceeded to place some doors to try it out.  So far so good.  Tagged some rooms and then started tagging doors. The tags came in as 1,2,3...and so on.  I thought one of the reasons for this feature was to allow tags to read this data also?  If you change a room number the door tag number changes.


I only see changes in the door schedule.


What am I missing?  Show me the way.


Thanks for the help.

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Re: Room Calculation Points - Am I missing the point?

06-05-2013 03:13 PM in reply to: Caddman13

That is not what this new feature does.  For Doors, all it does is allow you to determine which room is the from side and which room is the to side, without having to edit it in the Door Schedule.  I forget if you can drive the position parametrically; if so, you would need different types for reverse swing doors (doors that swing out of a room) and regular swing doors (door that swing into a room) -- if not, you would need different families for the two swing types.


I was generally underwhelmed by this feature (since I initially thought that it would allow a Door to read data from a Room, which turned out not to be the case).  Where it is effective is for certain room-aware component types, where the actual item might fall outside of a room, but which you want to have associated with that room.  For example, signage mounted on the corridor face of a partition, that you want associated with the room served, rather than the corridor.

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Re: Room Calculation Points - Am I missing the point?

06-05-2013 03:26 PM in reply to: David_W._Koch

Can you drive a parameter for a door finish from a room ?


ie. define a department - then doors that open into a room in that department have a specific finish ?


Not sure if you can query the room department from a door parameter - and if so, how you would go about that.


Sorry - this wasn't so much an attempt to provide any help - more an additional question as we are looking into something similar.

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Re: Room Calculation Points - Am I missing the point?

06-06-2013 03:56 AM in reply to: David_W._Koch

Thanks David for your response.  Good to see you on Revit now also.


I too was hoping for the doors to read room information, but like the fact I can now have signage and other things tagged to a room.


I will not hold my breath though waiting for the doors to read room numbers..  I am still holding it for text editor improvements.


Thanks again

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