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Revit - when does a version reach end of life

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06-12-2013 10:26 PM


In our software we have the ability to import and export to Revit. We have implemented that using the API. Currently we support 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014. But maintaining support for all versions takes quite a bit of time, so I wonder how long time does autodesk support old versions? Infinite? 5-years? Or maybe there is a list somewhere?



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Re: Revit - when does a version reach end of life

06-13-2013 12:22 AM in reply to: DEVR5070

Hi Marer,


I believe Autodesk support current version + 3 version down. It is consistent with the software listed in subscription center.

If you purchase Revit 2014 and on subscription, you are eligible to downgrade up to version 2011. 

However, the license is permanent.


Probably someone from Autodesk can confirm this?

Kind regards,
Edwin Prakoso | | @CADnotes

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Re: Revit - when does a version reach end of life

06-13-2013 09:43 AM in reply to: DEVR5070

Hi, and welcome to the forums!


To answer your question, most firms that are not sole-practitioners are on subscription, which means that they can use up to 3 previous releases on their license.  That is, those who have upgraded to 2014 can no longer use 2010 or prior releases.


There are some people who are not on subscription, although they are becoming fewer and fewer, and are unlikely to be in your target market (an assumption, since I have no idea what program you represent), so I would say that you can discontinue support for 2010 and prior releases, and next year discontinue support for 2011 and prior releases, etc.


Hope that helps.

Ross Kirby
BIM Manager
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