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Revit entourage, cameras and the like

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08-30-2012 01:18 PM

I'm new to Revit, and bought to use at my architecture studio.
Please, someone help me with:


> How can I modify the field of view of the Revit cameras?
> How can I made the RPC entourage do not automaticaly "fluctuate"?
> How can I made, or use, entourage that faces the camera? I just want simple silhouettes, not interested in annoying RPC bitmap stuff. This is a so simple thing, I just cannot understand - or believe - that the "building studio" cannot deal with... entourage!
> The Autodesk says a lot about the Revit "design" capabilities, but I cannot find any tools to do 3D design - I can put components and dimension on elevations, plans and ceilings, with a "simulated" inference, but can do about nothing on 3D. Wrong advertising?


If anyone can help with those needs, I will be very thankful.

For now, I'm very, very frustrated with the Building Studio gaps as a design tool.


Thank you all.

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Re: Revit entourage, cameras and the like

09-04-2012 05:50 AM in reply to: andre_dms

Okay - Lets take this one at a time.

" How can I modify the field of view of the Revit cameras?" 

in what way do you want to modify the field of view? Once the view opens you can use the steering wheel to move around - or youcan adjust the camera placement. Image of the steering wheel attached. To move the camera - select the border of the camera view and then switch back to the floor plan and you camera should show up and you can manipulate it.



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Re: Revit entourage, cameras and the like

09-04-2012 07:27 AM in reply to: LisaDrago

Thank you Lisa, for the reply.
I want to modify in an effective way, using camera focal lenght in milimeters, like almost all other software does. The option to use fixed focal lenght could make possible to generate panoramic stills, by modifying the camera boudary box (crop region).
But I just cannot find any way, this or other, to adjust the parameter on Revit - just the camera boundary box, which causes uncontrolled deformation of the visualization image.


About 3D modelling, I really hope Vasari to come solve some of the architectural spatial/volumetric design issues of todays Revit, not just to make slanted walls on the fly.

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Re: Revit entourage, cameras and the like

09-05-2012 12:03 PM in reply to: andre_dms

At this time, Revit does not really have a way of setting specific focal lengths for camera views.


If you would like to have this functionality added to Revit, this link is setup for you to submit feature requests, or feedback, directly to our Development group.


I encourage you to use the feedback link as our Development group is always interested and would like to hear your feedback directly, since you are better suited to state the business case for a feature request.



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Re: Revit entourage, cameras and the like

09-05-2012 01:20 PM in reply to: andre_dms

You cannot set field of view numerically but it can be done - see:


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