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Revit Architecture 2013 frquent fatal errors

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07-05-2012 12:16 AM

I am having very frequent recoverable errors - havent seen any pattern but happens in veiws and mostly editing operations. I am filling in the error reports and there must be quite a collection now of mine. Anyone else having the same - update pack needed and when?

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Re: Revit Architecture 2013 frquent fatal errors

07-05-2012 07:15 AM in reply to: timandjo

What kind of errors is it saying?

Are you on subscription? If so - open up a support ticket directly with Autodesk. If not contact your reseller to do this.



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Re: Revit Architecture 2013 frquent fatal errors

07-09-2012 10:38 AM in reply to: timandjo

After looking through the Error Reports that were submitted, it looks like the issue is related to a conflict between Revit and the graphics hardware or software on the machine.


I would make sure that your graphics card and driver are on the tested and supported list below. I would also try disabling Hardware Acceleration to see if the behavior changes.


I also see you are saving to a drive "H:". Is this a local drive (or partition) or a networked location?

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Re: Revit Architecture 2013 frquent fatal errors

07-10-2012 07:02 AM in reply to: Chris.Aquino
Thanks for looking into the error reports I updated recently to the latest NVIDEA driver - I know it is later that the autodesk recommended - will roll back to this and see if it works. Seems the frequent crashes started after update - hadn't connected the two until now. H drive is local and a separate drive - ( 2 SATA (not in RAID array) with drive naming legacy from previous use). Regards David Cormack
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Revit 2013 frquent fatal errors

01-14-2013 09:04 AM in reply to: timandjo

I am also having very frequent fatal errors, is it possible for you to have a look at the error reports that i have been submitting this afternoon.

we have just installed revit 2013 on new Dell Percision T1650 computes, with 16.0GB of ram. with a 64 bit system.

but since its been installed it has crashed more in 2 days that the whole time we had revit 2012 on old computers that weren't near as powerful.

Any ideas as to what is causing this problem.







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