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Revit Architecture

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Revit Architecture 2010 Freezes at the Splash Screen

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09-26-2009 04:32 PM
Hi folks,

Really hoping to get some direction with this problem I'm having:
I installed Revit a couple of days ago, have not been able to run it. When I try to open, I get the Revit screen and then nothing happens, it gets stuck there. I don't get any error messages other than Windows telling me that Revit is not responding. The application just completely hangs up. When I check the task manager, when I first open it, the memory usage starts ramping up from about 20 MB to eventually 120 MB. Once I hit the 120 MB mark, the application's CPU usage drops to 0% and that's where it stays.

It looks like there's some kind of internal process it's running that just hangs up or fails and never recovers, or gives any kind of error message (other than Not Responding).

Things I've tried without any different results:
-Running as Admin
-Disabling UAC, Windows Firewall, Antivirus

Computer information: In general I would expect the laptop to have no issues running this software, I've got plenty of hard drive space and a good discrete video card.
I'm running Windows Vista 32 bit.
I have the latest graphics drivers for a Geforce Go 7700 (NVidia).
2 GB of Ram.
Core 2 Duo CPU(2.00 GHz)

I'm really stumped and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Right now I'm installing Vista SP1, but I don't know if this will help.
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Re: Revit Architecture 2010 Freezes at the Splash Screen

09-26-2009 05:34 PM in reply to: LRizo
Hello everyone,

I am very happy to report that I was able to run Revit once I installed Vista SP1.
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Re: Revit Architecture 2010 Freezes at the Splash Screen

09-26-2009 05:56 PM in reply to: LRizo
Try changing the settings for hardware acceleration.
Search for other messages of mine for instructions.

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