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Re: Revit 2013 - Handrails disappear in section

07-26-2012 04:35 PM in reply to: Milos_Vajdic


Why did I read this post  :smileyhappy:


I tested my "fixed" handrail template and it turns our handrail is shown only one side of the stair but not the other! (eventhough there are handrails on both sides of stair)

Duplicated the problem with 2013 default template.


Do a test:

Create a stair and create a handrail only railing. place a section through one flight of stairs and take a look. Then go back to plan and flip the section - now the handrail will either appear or disapear (depending which way your section was facing in the first place).


WTF Autodesk!!!

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Re: Revit 2013 - Handrails disappear in section

07-26-2012 05:35 PM in reply to: Milos_Vajdic

Is the handrail not showning up in section view if the view direction is to the bottom of the stair? What you described regarding flipping the section causing the rail to not display is an issue that has been logged with our Development group who are working to fix the issue.

KPOD, if you flip the direction of the section do the handrails display?

Best regards,

John Lipp
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Re: Revit 2013 - Handrails disappear in section

07-27-2012 08:46 AM in reply to: john.lipp

Thank you John for your reply.   Flipping the section does show the railing. is the interesting thing: When I experiment with this railing, I draw a horizontal railing from point 1 to point 2 (not hosted), then I add a section callout, when the section but is pointed toward point 2, the railing disappears, when pointed toward point 1 the railing shows up!! I repeated the experiment with a section cut parallel to the railing:  the railing disappears when point 1 is on the left side of the section, when I flip the section the handrail shows, also if I draw the section initially with point 2 on the left side of the section the railing shows. The same holds true with elevation callouts.  


So this is a bug, but does not seem insurmountable by Autodesk for a patch.


Thank you all again for the replies!

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Re: Revit 2013 - Handrails disappear in section

08-05-2012 08:47 PM in reply to: kpod



It doesn't have anything to do with your template, or Update #1, or the lack thereof, or anything else. It's related to the "flip" icon that the railing uses.


For these newfangled kinds of families, Revit isn't keeping it close the the railing; on my system it seems to put it at the project base point location, and stays fixed no matter where you have the railing. It doesn't move when you move the unpinned project location point. When you flip the railing the icon switches position (slightly); if the icon moves outside of the section box the railing disappears. On my project the section box I was making crossed the PBP and all of the railings disappeared.


AFAIK it only happens to railings that are "top rail only" styles. When I embed a "dummy" rail (e.g., place a 1/4" dia. profile inside where the top rail is) it then works perfectly.

Matt Stachoni
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Re: Revit 2013 - Handrails disappear in section

12-12-2012 03:22 PM in reply to: matt.stachoni

Is there a solution to this problem yet? I ran across the same problem today. Railing showing up in one section, but not the other.


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Re: Revit 2013 - Handrails disappear in section

12-12-2012 03:33 PM in reply to: Milos_Vajdic

No solution has been presented anywhere tha I know of.  I have been monitoring this closely.  


I do have a workaround that has helped me:


I am working on a midrise project and when I placed stairs and handrails, the handrails would disappear in plan whithout notice so I could not dimension the extensions............So I modeled each separate stair condition type in a separate revit project model and linked those models into the main.  What I have gained with this solution is a very consistent plan view of the stair and I can now dimension the handrail extensions, and I can modify the link to update multiple stair sections.  I still have the issue of disappearing handrails depending on the section cut direction, and my handrails usually do not show up in the 3d view........but my sections and plans look good.  


I originially wanted to use grouped stairs to achieve all this, but it did not work. I hope this helps.

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Re: Revit 2013 - Handrails disappear in section

02-27-2013 01:34 PM in reply to: kpod

I've come to the conclusion that the visibility of these handrails is in some way attached to the lack of ballusters. The only work-around I've found for this is creating a placeholder balluster family that is either empty or a minute solid form that gets placed at the base of the handrail. Once the baluster is loaded into a single corner, the handrail starts showing in all views. Until revit works through this bug, its the best I could come up with.

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Re: Revit 2013 - Handrails disappear in section

06-22-2013 12:45 PM in reply to: kpod

hallo every body of tamplete is disappear, can you help me to inditial condition?

they are screw, nut, bearing, pipe, structure ect is gone!

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