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Revit 2013 Error "Cannot delete ..."

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08-31-2012 01:30 PM

I am pretty efficient with Revit, but this error has me completely stumped.   Any direction is much appreciated at this point!


Our project has alot of repeating elements (builing facades, dorm rooms, etc.) of which, we created one instance and then created a group and copied and pasted the group to other areas.


Some of these groups required changes so they were either ungrouped and updated or duplicated to create a group with the new updates.  I am noticing elements such as storefront which are remnants of the previous groups.  They are outdated and need to be deleted, but when I go to delete them I get the error message below:


"Cannot delete or group a type driven gridline without doing the same to its host."


So I went to the project browser and deleted all groups that could have contained the storefront (I do not need them at this point.)  Even though I deleted all of the groups, I can't delete this window in the model space.  I can unpin the mullions and delete those, but I cant get rid of the curtain panels. 


Any thoughts?



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Re: Revit 2013 Error "Cannot delete ..."

03-21-2014 08:57 PM in reply to: bcfoley

Please make sure the "Discipline" setting

It's must be Architecture or Coordination

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