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REVIT 2013 - edit boundary, finish sketch buttons missing

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11-06-2012 08:59 PM

I am encountering issues with the "edit boundary" tab on the ribbon, as well as "finish sketch" when the edit boundary tab DOES show up.  i don't know how to finish the sketch without this, so i have to undo everything.  i have seen other posts related to this issue, but none of the solutions resolved anything for me.  does anyone have a suggestion or solution on how to fix this?



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Re: REVIT 2013 - edit boundary, finish sketch buttons missing

11-07-2012 05:44 AM in reply to: swyoung10

We have also run into this, and I have found a few workarounds.


1. Try hitting the black Save button -- this will sometimes return the ribbon back to normal.


2. Check the version of .NET your computer is running--if you are using Revit 2012 and have a version of .NET higher than 4.0, it will cause ribbon problems.


3. Use a keyboard shortcut such as FS (Finish Sketch), FG (Finish Group), etc.


4. Try unchecking all the boxes in View>User Interface, then re-check them.


If you are using Revit 2013, be sure to install Update 2, as it has apparently fixed the ribbon problem.

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