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RAC 2011 - Export to DWG - Text

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09-14-2011 01:21 PM



I'm having some difficulty with exporting to DWG from Revit Architecture 2011. If anyone would be able to help me understand this better, that would be INCREDIBLY helpful.  :smileyhappy:


1.  Text:

What I want: Export text to be yellow.

What I get: Text is exported such that the color is White (the layer itself is Yellow, but for some reason, the text color is NOT set to ByLayer).


Current settings:

I have my export layers settings set such that "Text Notes" = "A-ANNO-TEXT" = 2 (which is yellow).


Things I have tried:

- Change "Text Treatment" from "visual fidelity" to "functional fidelity" - no effect

- Change Colors between Index vs. RGB - just changes everything to white on black - no good.

- Change "Layers and properties" settings - the 2nd option (All properties bylayer, no overrides) seems to work but unfortunately, this is not acceptable as the graphics of overriden linework need to be maintained.

- Change actual text color from black to yellow before exporting - this works, but is not efficient at all, especially if there are many different text types.


2.  Text Leaders:

What I want: Yellow (to match text)

What I get: Red leaders


What's weird:

If I set the "Text notes" to export as a "2" in the Export layers properties, my leaders export with these colors based on the Lineweight setting in the Type Properties of the text:

1 = yellow

2 = white

3 = green

4 = fuscia


If I set the same "Text Notes" setting to "1" in the export layers properties, the leaders export differently:

1 = red

2 = white

3 = yellow

4 = green


3.  Dimensions:

I have dimensions in Revit set to display meters instead of millimeters.  However, when I export to DWG with "One DWG unit is:" set to "millimeter," a dimension that appears as "4.25 m" in Revit now appears as "4250.00" in AutoCAD.  If I change the setting from "millimeter" to "meter," the dimensions are correct BUT then all of the linetypes are not displayed correctly.  Also, the font style changes from Arial Narrow in Revit to something else in AutoCAD.  Is there any setting that I need to adjust that will export it correctly?


Thank you for your help!

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Re: RAC 2011 - Export to DWG - Text

09-15-2011 10:37 AM in reply to: goodtastingsteak

Not sure if you can upgrade, but I believe all are addressed in 2012. Beyond that any Autocad guys want to chine in?


Thanks for posting.

Alan Quinn
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Re: RAC 2011 - Export to DWG - Text

09-15-2011 07:16 PM in reply to: alan.quinn

Thank you for your reply, Alan.


Per your response and a response from someone else on another forum, I have upgraded to RAC 2012.  I tried exporting once again, but the results are the same, if not slightly different (but not correct).


*I read through the new features of RAC 2012 and it looks like the layer/pattern mapping is a big new thing.  Is this what I would need to change to make my text come out default as white?


If you look at the attached image, you'll notice the text is white, leaders are red, and the dimensions are now all 0.00M.  The one dimension that displays 10.00M should actually be 6.79 M.  It looks like AutoCAD's dimension style is set to round down, if such a thing is possible (I'm not very familiar with AutoCAD).


Is this a Revit issue, an AutoCAD issue, or something in my own file?  Perhaps a setting in my text type properties in Revit?



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Re: RAC 2011 - Export to DWG - Text

09-16-2011 05:46 PM in reply to: goodtastingsteak

If it makes it easier, here is a download link to a portion of the file that I am having issues with.


Also, is it still possible to save my export settings to a text file similar to how one could do so in RAC2011?  I would like to save my DWG export settings (i.e. A-COLS is 2, A-DOOR is 2, etc.)

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