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R2013 - curtain wall assembly - copy/reuse

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09-18-2012 06:45 AM



I need to make some sheet containing all the doors, windows and curtain walls used in my project.

All have unique marks and I need to use some annotation on them. (height, width etc)


windows, doors: no problem: I use legend components to place them.


curtain walls .... hmmm. .... why!!! grrr.

-- approach to solve it: assemblies.

    + create assembly

    + add all the mullions, glass etc

    + create views from assembly

-- yay!


Darn, revit can't copy that assembly  .... reason:

Selection cannot be copied.
Mullions and panels cannot be copied without copying the entire curtain wall.


 When trying to create another instance of that assembly it gives me

Selection cannot be copied.
Cannot copy element.


And yes the whole curtain wall is inside the assembly ... (no panels, mullions left out).



How on earth can I get some decent view of my curtain walls???

(and I don't like the 'make views of each curtain wall, use filter, phase 'future'-approach )


Appreciate your input.


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Re: R2013 - curtain wall assembly - copy/reuse

10-25-2012 01:45 PM in reply to: Joris3P

Just as a suggestion, if you don't want to create views of the curtain walls, you can try to export to CAD, then import that linework into your legend.

Hope that helps.

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