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Question about system requirements

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12-22-2010 07:33 AM

Like alot of guys, I'm in the range of workers who were pre-Revit existance and were never trained at a firm because of cost.  Now that so many hiring firms require Revit knowledge I need to learn it. 

1- How do I do this without breaking the bank?  Since I'm unemployed, it's kind of ridiculous to ask me to spend 5-6k on the program and 1-2k on some training course.  I know there is some 30 day free stuff, but that's not near enough time to learn such a complex program, especially while trying to hold down odd jobs to pay bills.

2- I've looked up the system requirements and was wondering if my Vista 32-bit/ 2.5 GHz/ 2GB Ram/ Dual-core AMD/ NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 (i know nothing about graphics cards) system will run Revit 2011 or just crash all the time.  I know it won't run it as smoothly as the recommended requirements, but will it run it at all?  (stop laughing at Vista, it was cool for one minute & now I'm stuck with it)

I've looked to email AutoDesk directly but haven't found an email for direct support and have looked around the website with little success. Also, there is no course training available in Memphis, TN., at least not that I can find.

Any and all help is appreciated.



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Re: Question about system requirements

12-23-2010 05:20 AM in reply to: caldwjd

You can look into the autodesk assistance program.  You can get free software and free or reduced cost training at some training centers.


If you can't go to official training you can access the tutorials that come with the product.


Checek into each of the 3 years listed.  the tutorials are different for each year but many from the older versions might still be worth taking a look at.


As for the hardware, I am sure you will be able to run Revit on it and be able to work in all of the tutorials.


Good luck.

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Re: Question about system requirements

12-24-2010 10:35 AM in reply to: loboarch

Learning Revit is nuts.  If anyone thinks they can attend a couple of 3-day courses and know Revit they are extremely naive.  AutoDesk stopped printing their Revit Architecture Books in 2009 (thank you "green").  The series of three books each have near 1,000 pages.  Although the hardcopies are helpful, because of the introduction of the ribbon in 2010 the books are all but outdated, not in principal but surely in interface.  


Then there are Revit books from outside publishers helpful yes, you can read all you want,  but books do not offer the hands-on capabilities that actually working with Revit does.  You can download Revit  2011 User Guide, and the Families Guide and careful, detailed reading is excellent.  I feel for you that you don't have a subscription and I don't know just how you can get anything more than a 30day trial version.  I think somehow AutoDesk offers or should offer a student version that has a 1 year subscription which in my mind is about how long a person needs to become well versed and comfortable working with Revit. 


With no other choice, my best advice is to download the Revit 2011 User Guide, The Families Guide, and the 2010 Tutorials (which have the same "Ribbon" as 2011 minus a few enhancements).  Read as much as you can before you jump into a 30 day tease and torture...oh I mean "trial" version.  


The Student Experts TU Graz: Marvi Basha, Klaus Hyden and Philipp Muller have in my mind put together the most comprehensive direct and straightforward Tutorials.  If you go here...


download the data sets and watch the .avi presentations.  


Good Luck,





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Re: Question about system requirements

01-19-2011 03:16 PM in reply to: caldwjd

I was in a similar situation, unemployed, etc.  I enrolled at our local community college (Front Range Community College) primarily to learn revit.  I ended up taking a full load for two semesters learning photoshop, 3ds max, some web design, some updated autocad stuff as well as two semesters of revit.  The good news:  tuition was supplemented by the state, low cost student loans totaling less than $3500, $0 out of pocket.  I could have taken just the revit class for under $500 per semester.  The beauty of this learning arrangement is it is 16 weeks so you don't cram it all in over three days then forget most of it before you can use it.



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Re: Question about system requirements

01-19-2011 03:25 PM in reply to: caldwjd
OMG they don't get it.. first off- any computer will run Revit.. second- if you are starting to learn Revit the trial version is ALL you need for a couple of years or more.. the trial does EVERYTHING except print plans- (which you can't do for several years anyway)- and it also saves projects that you won't have for several years.. just download the trial- THAT'S ALL YOU NEED..
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