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Parts Parameters from Original

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07-13-2011 01:59 PM

I'm trying to separate a model using parts to create a detailed 4d schedule in Navisworks.  This will allow me to easily show the different elements as they finish (CMU, Brick, Drywall, etc.).  The old workflow was for me to create custom parameters (building, elevation, level, etc) for different parts of the Revit model, and then use those for search sets with Navisworks.  My hope was that I could simply add a new search criteria of the part's material to filter.  However, now the original item's custom parameters don't transfer to the parts.  Is there a way to "push" custom parameters from an original item to its parts?

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Re: Parts Parameters from Original

07-13-2011 02:01 PM in reply to: ecleveland

Possibly use a "reporting parameter"?? Or click the radio button and use an "associated parameter"??


Just a guess.......haven't tried the Parts to NW thing............

Sounds like a very cool idea, though.


Let us know if you get it working.



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Re: Parts Parameters from Original

07-14-2011 06:37 AM in reply to: ccollins



Thanks for the suggestion.  I didn't know much about reporting parameters, so i started doing some research after I saw your post.  From the best i can tell it appears that reporting parameters must be tied to dimensional infomration only, which wouldn't help in my case.  Let me know if you think I'm missing something though.

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