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Revit Architecture

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Not Responding When Rendering

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07-12-2011 11:51 AM

PC I am using Revit Architecture on is

Windows 7 Professional

Intel Core i7 3.4ghz

Ram 16gb

64-bit OS


When rendering a job the program stops responding. I need some suggestions where I should be looking.

The task manager shows the cpu working hard but the memory is not being used at all. Windows reports failure to recover program and the application exits.

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Re: Not Responding When Rendering

07-12-2011 01:14 PM in reply to: jlascari

How big is the image you are trying to render, in inches? This will be the viewport size. Then, what DPI are you rendering that image at? Next, how many lights are in the entire model? (mental ray will attmept to render them all even if out of the frame) are you using a 3D section box to clip out the part of the model not seen by the camera?


There are many factors to rendering size/time/performance. With some more info, we can begin to figure out why your image is not rendering.

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Re: Not Responding When Rendering

07-12-2011 01:27 PM in reply to: jlascari

With specs like that, you shouldn't be having trouble rendering an image, regardless of the size (unless maybe it's a video card issue, which I doubt).  Do you have another program running at the same time that could be hogging resources?


Can you try rendering a small region of that same view?  Or even a different low-res view?  If that doesn't work, you might want to uninstall/reinstall Revit.

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Re: Not Responding When Rendering

07-15-2011 10:17 AM in reply to: jlascari

Have you tried rendering your sceenes with Project Neon? Why don't you try it?


...Just an idea. It works fine, and it's really fast!

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Re: Not Responding When Rendering

07-18-2011 06:31 AM in reply to: acardoso

Thanks for the replies everyone, issue resolved.


This issue is now
pointing to a bad file, corrupt data within the drawing.  We see this sort
of issue in Autocad when someone inserts several pieces and parts of other drawings
into another.  If a cleaner command isn't used on the drawing it will
begin to degrade and cause problems by hanging up or shutting down

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