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Revit Architecture

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New build of 6.0 (20040114)

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01-19-2004 01:26 PM
Hello all, A new build of Autodesk Revit 6.0 has been posted on the web at the Revit Download Center. This new build number is listed as 20040114_2100 and addresses a number of issues discovered in the 1st month of 6.0s release including: 1.. Worksets - it is generally recommended that clients making use of worksets in 6.0 download and utilize this latest build. 2.. File upgrades - some specific upgrade issues were addressed. 3.. Arrays in families. 4.. I.E. script errors during licensing - with some installations and versions of I.E. 5.. Edit Wall Join display in course scale views. -- Regards, Steve Burri Autodesk, Inc. Client Support Manager - Revit
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