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More bugs in Revit 2014

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06-05-2013 10:08 AM

I've submitted bug reports on these two:


  • when mirroring RPC objects, the mirrored objects will not appear in Realistic mode.  So those of you who are planning to do a walkthrough movie using Realistic mode - take note!
  • when creating a Split Face on an object, if you use a spline in the sketch, after finishing the sketch, you will not be able to edit the spline.  It has to be deleted and re-created, and thus you would have to re-paint the face afterwards.

I was not given any assurances that these bugs would be fixed during this product cycle.  So do these need to be fixed in the next service pack?  I think so - I've always told people that Revit is relatively bug-free - but these two (along with the Thin Lines mode actually printing that way) are rather glaring.


So be aware of these three bugs.  And if you want them fixed, submit support requests to autodesk saying as much.

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