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Missing Levels

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01-09-2008 09:19 AM
I have a project that has several unwanted levels in it that are not showing up in any views. Levels are on in the VG, and other levels are showing up. I also went to all my building elevation views and turned off the "crop view" command and zoomed way out to try and find them.

I also tried the "purge un-used" command, but there must be some wall or other object tied to them somewhere as this command will not delete them.

Revit will even let me create new floor plan views with these levels associated to them. I did that and then right clicked the view in the project browser and went to "find referring views" and it gives me an error message and says "could not find referring object". It's like the level is there, but it's not.... Is is possible that the level got deleted, but if there is an object referencing that level it will only delete the annotation symbol?
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J. Bizzle
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Re: Missing Levels

01-10-2008 05:57 AM in reply to: J. Bizzle
I finally figured out this problem in case it happens to someone else. The "could not find referring object" error was because there were no views in which these levels were shown, thus the original problem. I went to the preferences of one of my building elevations and not only do you have to un-select the "Crop View" box, but also the "Far Clip Active" box. I then was able to find the hidden levels WAY off in space...
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Re: Missing Levels

01-10-2008 06:29 AM in reply to: J. Bizzle
I believe you are experiencing Levels without Browser views. When you copy or array a Level, Revit does not create a plan or ceiling view for that created Level. I have attached a DOC file explaining in greater detail how to create Levels.

In addtion, you can create new Project Browser entries for Levels created as references (without Plan or Ceiling views in the Projectd Browser by opening the View menu, selecting New and selecting Floor Plan or Ceiling Plan to create one or the other. You cannot create both entries in the Project Browser at the same time. In the New Plan or New RCP dialog box select the Level to create a new Project plan entry and change the scale if desired. It is not necessary to uncheck Do not duplicate existing views, since no view exists for the referenced Level.

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Re: Missing Levels

10-31-2010 08:46 PM in reply to: J. Bizzle

Thankyou for saving my sanity! This issue was slowly driving me mad!

Using Revit 2012
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Re: Missing Levels

11-01-2010 09:57 PM in reply to: J. Bizzle

1. create new rvt project with default (metric)/ (imperial).rte, level 1 (0.000) need only.

2. revit linked old rvt project file

3. binding linked old rvt project file with include component + level + grid

4. enjoy

5. ungroup from old project linked.

6. continuing with new project or create central file if need...
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