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Material color change?

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12-15-2010 07:25 AM

I need a custom color for a material in Revit 2011.  How do I do this and still keep the texture.  I need blue corrugated metal panel.  I choose a similar material and try to edit it, but I can only change the color in the model and not when I it renders.  Please help.

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Re: Material color change?

12-15-2010 09:44 AM in reply to: sjohnson16



Duplicate the material youre trying to edit then...


Under Render appearance there is a section "render appearance based on..."  Click "replace"  then scroll to default and select "generic"


Under "color" select the arrow to the right of the swatch, select "edit color" then "define custom color" 

       Create the color you want


Scroll down and check the box in front of "bump"  then load the texture used for the corrugated metal.  Adjust the amount of bump until the desired amount is achieved.


I've attached a jpg of a material I built like this.


Hope this helps



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Re: Material color change?

12-15-2010 09:54 AM in reply to: LiRichter

THANK YOU   Thank you Thank you!!!!!!

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