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Manage Links - can't unload or remove linked dwg

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02-11-2010 01:16 PM
I linked in a cad.dwg survey into my Revit model and I don't like the result. I'm trying to unload or remove the linked file now and I get an error message, "A serious error has occurred. It is strongly recommended that you use Save As to save your work in a new file before continuing."
Saving to a new file does not change this problem. I've tried cleaning up the survey file, moving the file to another location, changing from relative to absolute path. Revit shouldn't even be finding this file any more. Isn't linking similar to x-refing in AutoCAD?

Any ideas on how to get this dwg out of my Revit file?


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Re: Manage Links - can't unload or remove linked dwg

04-22-2010 09:51 PM in reply to: jkipfer1
Having the same problem here. I can't even delete an instance of the dwg file without getting the same warning you got. I don't think the dwg file is the problem however. When I replaced the file with a completely different dwg file (used the same file name), I still got the error message.

The problem must be in the Revit file. When I try to reload the linked file or "Reload From.." I got the error too.

Something got corrupted in the Revit file. Something that even the "Audit" command couldn't uncover.
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Re: Manage Links - can't unload or remove linked dwg

04-23-2010 12:08 PM in reply to: jkipfer1
Further to my previous post. I've attached the Revit file I'm having problems with. I purged out everything except the linked DWG. If you open it and try to delete the link you'll see the error. Same if you try to Reload From any AutoCAD file.

First I get "Revit couldn't find the DWG file. Will display last known" and then I get the "Revit had a serious error" message.

If anyone can take a look at this and suggest a solution that would be great. I had to go to a previous days backup and import the changes I had made to get around this. Nothing horrible but it did waste a couple hours.

I'm a little worried about this problem since "Audit" didn't catch any errors. In fact I'm not even sure Revit was able to audit the file.
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Re: Manage Links - can't unload or remove linked dwg

10-06-2012 02:25 PM in reply to: jkipfer1

I know this is an old Post, but just in case, like me, you have this problem & end up here looking for a solution. This is the solution that worked for me. Go to the Manage Tab, then go to Locations. Pick one of the locations listed & make it current. this allowed me to detach the Cad link & re-attach it.

Hope this helps someone.

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