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length of the beam ?

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12-10-2012 11:17 PM


I have all my columns in position. I need to draw the beams. Should I use center to center or edge to edge?

I tried it in both ways. Both gave same volume but different lengths in properties palette. 


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Re: length of the beam ?

12-11-2012 08:23 AM in reply to: jeevanjacob

There is a beam "cut back length" that allows for connection plates, etc.


Take a look in the beam family properties.


Typically, beams are placed from center to center of columns, and the cut-back length automatically pulls the ends away

the specified dimension.

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Re: length of the beam ?

12-11-2012 08:28 PM in reply to: ccollins

Hi Collins,

Thank you.

May I rephrase my question? I need to export the structural frame, for analysis, to STAAD. For the purpose, center to center is the right method. But as I inserted all my beams, using grid option in the toolbar, I got edge to edge only. Is there a method to overcome this (other than rearranging each and every beam)? 



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