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issue backup Central or Local files/links.

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09-12-2013 10:25 PM
- All files (All Locals + Backups / All Centrals + Backups) are on the same drive.
 We need a method of backing these files up to an external drive without affecting the Central or  Local files + their links.
 In an ideal world the backup files can be substituted for the originals in the event of a drive issue.
 The key issue here is not having to resave each file as a central file and not reloading linked  files. 
We need to be able to import the links quickly without having to spend half a day re-saving and reloading link files. We have had this issue twice as we had an issue appearing with our server due to synchronisation. (We work in a Mac environment with 1 PC  to run Autodesk Revit)
For this reason we have moved all files to a local drive, however good business practice dictates that we need to have a back-up of this local drive that we take off-site. Sofar we haven't been able to simply re-create the Central file with the backed up files of the external drive.
I'm sure this very expensive piece of software has a way that does allow us to quickly re-instate the central file.:smileywink:
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