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Importing AutoCAD file to Revit

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08-14-2013 03:12 PM

When I first put my file in this warning comes up "the origin of the import will be centered on the origin of the model instead. You can view the import in any view where its geometry is within the extents" 


I have tried setting the it to "Auto origin to origin" and "Auto center to center"  


The floorplan is  visible under "Site" but not Floorplan 1 (until I explode the DWG file that I have imported- then I can view it when I am on Floorplan 1).  Also another problem I am having is that I have to zoom extremely in to be able to see the imported file.  The units are correct when I finally find the drawing, and starting drawing over the AutoCAD lines.  


Then once I can find the drawing and draw over it to start building the model, I try going to view the 3D model and I can find it, the screen is blank white.  Even if I try zooming in to see if anything will start to appear, it is still blank. This is also happening in the elevations.  I have checked to make sure the walls I am drawing are actually there, and I have checked their height as well.  


I have never had this much trouble with importing a simple AutoCad floorplan?  I  believe there has to be something wrong with my AutoCad file?



Any help at all would be great!



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Re: Importing AutoCAD file to Revit

08-15-2013 04:57 AM in reply to: mad4life

I had some problems of this type and I  realised that the problems came mainly from the dwg file.

Opening the file in AutoCAD , do the  the following:

  1. Verify the layers. You could have frozen layers that do not appear in the drawing , but they still are there. Zoom All in AutoCAD to see if there are such entities and erase them.
  2. Using ID , see what are the coordinates of a point from your drawing . It is possible that in case of a survey plan the X, Y to have very big values (thousand or hundred of thousand of meters) from the 0,00 origin. In such a case I move the drawing to 0,00 .Revit has a problem with very big distances from origin.

When importing in Revit , you can import only visible layers so not to have problems with hidden entities..

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Re: Importing AutoCAD file to Revit

08-15-2013 07:38 AM in reply to: mad4life



Correct. issue with the coordinates.


To avoid future problems with shared coordinates and collaborations

See the posts on Shard Coordinates here:!/2013/06/shared-coordinates-2-processing-dwg.html



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