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Import Cad By Shared Coordinates

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08-31-2012 01:30 AM

Is there a way of importing cad by shared coordinates, or are autodesk working on this for the next service pack, which would be very useful.


It's great that the 'link cad' does it but why not import cad?  This would be very helpful as we model certain things (pipework statues,) from point cloud and model on other software, then we bring into revit, so we use the same coordinates as the point cloud (O.S coordinates.)


Also I'm glad that Autodesk have added the shared coordinates to the point cloud insert for Revit 2013.


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Re: Import Cad By Shared Coordinates

09-05-2012 02:14 PM in reply to: surveys

Hi surveys

Shared Positioning only works with linked files. Did you already link the CAD model to the project and acquire coordinates from or publish coordinates to the CAD file? Does the host RVT project share the coordinate system with the link when you link it rather than import it?

If the project and linked CAD don’t share the same coordinates system, the CAD Models World Coordinate System is aligned with the project shared coordinate. Is this what you are hoping to achieve?  There isn't an option for this with import CAD.

I would recommend linking the CAD model rather than importing if you need to align through shared coordinates.

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