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Help with floor plan, sections and termination of materials

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12-03-2012 10:27 AM


Let me start by saying having a great time with Revit, But I have hit a wall.  I have spent some time looking for information on the following question but I have not found an answer.  If you have any information please post the link or if it is something you can answer your help would be appreciated.


In a floor plan how can I get the exterior material stucco to rap around the end and terminate at the intersection of the Store front and wood stud? The same question would apply with the interior drywall.  The Wood stud wall is 6” the storefront is 4”, thus the need for the finish material to rap around the end of the stud.


I am laying out a simple structure. Bearing wall to bearing wall is 35’, with a few non bearing walls between the bearing walls.  I will be using a truss to span from bearing wall to bearing wall.  So I have two question regarding this. One; do I need to model the trusses or are their pre-made trusses with ¼”/1’-0” slope some were online.  The second is the best work flow for the drywall ceiling material.  The ceiling seems to require a core element.  I cannot seem to manage drywall alone.  If I create a ceiling with 2x4 core and drywall finish and create a ceiling over the whole area the ceiling seems to auto dim to the ceiling finish and not the core 2x4.  Then there is the issue of the clean up at the top plate were the wall and ceiling finishes meet


 I am not sure if I am expecting too much of the software and there are work arounds as most of these issues are more detail orientated than production of the various plans. However I will have to address them in the section somehow. Back in the day of hand drafting these were issues handled in the details and not in these amazing models.


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Help with floor plan, sections and termination of materials

12-03-2012 10:37 AM in reply to: cadmansteve

Some things are possible in true 3d, some others might need to resolve in details...


I would suggest to break the thread in 3 separate threads, one thread per topic. Lists of questions don't work well in forums because it is difficult to find the individual topics later if all is merged in one single thread.

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Re: Help with floor plan, sections and termination of materials

12-03-2012 11:02 AM in reply to: cadmansteve

Please see individual posted question.

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