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Help! Default Views Missing

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09-19-2012 09:04 AM

My class opened Revit today to do a tutorial. However, the default views were messed up. There was only 1 floor plan. I have used Revit before, and I know that this is not right. For example, there was only 1 level, and there were no elevation views even present. Has anyone had this problem before, and how do you fix it?

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Re: Help! Default Views Missing

09-20-2012 06:13 AM in reply to: jhj

Is the View missing or the entire Level? Either one should be easy to recreate by creating a new View or Level.


A new Revit Project only begins with two levels because that is what the default Project Template defines. Has a different Template been selected or has the original template been modified?


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Re: Help! Default Views Missing

09-22-2012 07:10 PM in reply to: CADastrophe

Thanks, but for some reason the problems my class was having just disappeared.

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Re: Help! Default Views Missing

09-24-2012 05:16 AM in reply to: jhj

If you create a new project with no template specified you will get what you describe.  The project will have nothing and basically 1 level in it.  I suspect that is what happened.  You started without a tempalte or did not have access to it when the class was making new projects.

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