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Help - architect moved his model...

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12-05-2012 10:25 AM

I haev a client that is working with their Revit model by linking in the architectural model for their base model. They have items hosted to this linked file.


The architect has now "moved" his file.


The original architectural file was 3 buildings, with each building being its own file. These 3 individual files were then linked into 1 file to create the "architectural base" model.


The MEP guy then linked this model into his MEP project.


The architect has moved one of the individual building files. It still links in properly to their combined file including all 3 buildings, however when my MEP guy reloads his links, the 1 building is now floating 100's of feet up in the air.


I don't want him to lose all of his hosted elements...


What is the correct way to solve this? I know moving a revit file is a no-no after you start, but apparently the architect had internal "level issues" and they were not all on the same page, so they moved the files internally for consistentency and have created some issues downstream.

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Re: Help - architect moved his model...

12-05-2012 10:34 AM in reply to: tfischer

Shared Coordinates.


They need to set these up and all models need to use the same coordinate system.


Project Base Point and Survey Points need to be checked/established.



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