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GPU Help Revit 2013

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11-01-2012 03:03 AM

Hi there, 


I am new at working with Revit, I am a student busy learning the Revit 2013 Suite. 


My question is in terms of the hardware, specifically GPU.


I only have one Desktop on which I work and also Game. Now I would like to make my PC more CAD/3D Design efficient, but would also like to game on my PC occasionally. I have considered buying a Quadro Card for work and when I game put the Consumer Gaming card in but that is a little bit of a mission for anyone. 


Here are my PC Specs:


Intel i7 2600 3.40GHz

8GB DDR3 1333 Ram

AMD Ati Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GPU

850W PSU


I have two 24" Samsung screens that are both set on 1920x1080 24bit True color. 


For Gaming, I know this card is the best, but it works well for what I do. Also for the last 2 years my CAD experience has been okay with this card, some drawings might have gotten a little busy and the GPU then stutters a bit to process all the lines. Also I am using Sketchup with VRay still, until I am efficient in Revit/3DS Max.


Would anybody recommend I buy perhaps a NVidea GTX 670 OC Edition or rather sacrifice the gaming and buy a Quadro or Firepro card? I cannot find any forums that conclusively deal with this issue, many people have asked the question but no definitive answer.


So I guess in short my question is: Can I use Revit 2013 and 3DS Max for Rendering with no performance issues if I buy a NVidea GTX 670 OC?


Any other recommendations?




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Re: GPU Help Revit 2013

11-05-2012 10:23 PM in reply to: bennie

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Re: GPU Help Revit 2013

11-06-2012 06:09 AM in reply to: bennie

revit doesn't use the gpu for rendering its all processor and memory based

for 3ds Max you can look here:

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