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Geodetic vs. Datum

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05-17-2005 02:16 PM
I need something explained to me. I can't figure out how shared and project coordinates work. I have a new automall project going where we have two new dealerships going up. I created the topography for the entire automall as one project and then linked and published the coordinates into each dealership project.

The problem is I want the level tags to show the main floor elevation at 100' datum. Right now they show the elevation at the geodetic height.

I tried to use the "Relocate Project" command under the Setting menu, this moved the dealership but not the topography. I then went to the elevation view and used the "Move" command to lower the topography. But if I do this to the second dealership, which sits at a different geodetic height I noticed that moving the topography affects the other dealership as well. One building is always "floating".

How do I change these things so my level tags show datum but my spot elevation show geodetic?
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Re: Geodetic vs. Datum

05-17-2005 04:59 PM in reply to: paul
The key is to manage this in the site project. Linking the buildings into the site project and positioning them in the x and y is part of the equation. Did you also set them at their correct elevation? This is just a matter of moving them up or down in a section or elevation view in the site project. If you did, publishing the coordinates to the building files should make them aware of their true elevation.

The last part is to set up level types that use shared versus project elevations. Once you have these two types you pick which one you want to show.

You can also link the site file into the building files so you can show the site in context with the building and the site will "know" how it is supposed to align as long as you import using shared coordinates.

Check out the help doc's for shared positioning.
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Re: Geodetic vs. Datum

12-03-2012 09:56 AM in reply to: Steve_Stafford



I have successfully established the shared coordinates between the site and building models, however I am unable to get the project datum to read anything but:

project = 0

share = true geodedic.


Obviously I am missing the final step so that my Project Datum reads 100000(mm).  Can you clue me in?



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