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gable roof rake

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02-16-2010 12:29 PM
I'm struggling with creating a rake on gable roofs. Most gable roofs have a thinner rake detail than the actual roof structure - is there a simple way to model this?
I have tried modeling the rake portion separately from the main roof. However, I have been unable to join the two roofs.
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Re: gable roof rake

02-14-2011 09:20 AM in reply to: tdraper

I too would like help on adding the rakes to gable ends.  I've done it a couple ways and keep thinking I'm definitely not seeing the better ways.


The first way...(and the gurus will think: how stupid is this guy??? But deadlines make one desparate) :Main roof by footprint/no overhang then an extruded roof with the desired cornice return off the end.  I sketched the rake to leave a 1/4" shingle layer and did an in-place model for the shingles.  I did this because I could not dedicate the top surface of the rake to shingles without the whole in-place model becoming  shingled.  Of course, there's a lot of line work required in  the 3D and elevations. 


The second way...left the main roof overhang at the gable and used a void extrusion to create the rake thickness.  I fought hard with this to get it to render. Seemed quirky but it was quicker.  I suppose if you do it right you can have the roof overhang just beyond the wall face and the void stop short to give you a below rake trim piece.


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