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Extra line between different types of walls in elevation views, how to erase it?

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03-17-2011 01:40 AM



Problem is this time about wall joins and the lines between them:


In elevation view where is the whole building presented, shows extra lines there, where wall types changed?


That is, a thin line, thin, but, visible, unfortunately.


How can it be terminated?


Filled region is not good method, because in a building, where is 10-100 floors and hundreds (thousands) of windows, you should go round all of them? Great time wasting job! ;-(


Using paint tool is one solution, but is still remains the line!?


Sometimes join command removes the line, but sometimes not. Often, when the wall type changes, the line remains.


If you have a good solution to this broblem, I would be very pleased! :-D


Thank you!


Matti Kettunen from Finland



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