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export to NWC - "not responding"

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08-02-2012 11:19 AM

I have a larger Revit file that has linked in models (mutiple buildings - each bldg is its own model)


I need a COMPLETE file for Navisworks...


When I go to Revit, and try to export to NWC file, it starts the export process... about 40 minutes in (YES, 40 mins, it just loads and loads and loads) I will get an error message that "Revit has stopped responding"


This is now the 3rd time today I have tried this with no success. I also tried loading into Navisworks directly (Nav 2013) but will not read the files properly and bring them in together.



I know Revit 2012 is capable of exporting linked models to a single NWC file... however my computer does't seem to like it. I even just sat and read a book and did not internet serach or running any other programs at the time....




exporting each individual Revit model to NWC and recompling them in Navisworks IS NOT AN OPTION, so please do not suggest that, as I am well aware of that option.


I need to export this large linked Revit file as ONE nwc file.. I know it CAN be done...


My laptop is fairly newer and has like 8gb of ram, so that shouldn't be the problem, is it?

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Re: export to NWC - "not responding"

08-02-2012 12:02 PM in reply to: tfisch86

Depending on how large all the files are, you could try Binding them together and then exporting to NW.


But your laptop with 8GB probably won't cut it.

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Re: export to NWC - "not responding"

08-03-2012 12:24 AM in reply to: tfisch86

is it possible to use a better machine (with more RAM) from other colleagues or friends ?

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Re: export to NWC - "not responding"

09-20-2012 12:35 PM in reply to: tfisch86

I have had the exact experience, and I've never been able to export NWC with linked Revit model, ever.  I'm working in pretty much empty host Revit model. (2012) with 20+ linked Revit model.   Obviously I don't have all the linked Revit model loaded at once.  Typically its 3-4 loaded at once.  BUT I can't export  to NWC with only one linked Revit model loaded.   The export process gets to about 5% or so then goes back to 1 to 2 % and repeats over and over.    I've set all my export options properly.    I haven't tried with Revit 2013.   Hopefully it actually works!


NWC Export Options.jpg

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