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Export to DWG setup .txt file

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01-17-2014 09:22 AM

How do you extract an Export to DWG setup .txt file from a Revit project model?

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Re: Export to DWG setup .txt file

01-17-2014 10:28 AM in reply to: cjn01

Well - I found here you can export it... Look under Export>Options>Export Setups DWG/DXF. I have attached an image for reference.

The problem is... I don't have a clue where it puts it! I have been searching but cannot find it...


So I think I may have solved half your problem...



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Re: Export to DWG setup .txt file

01-20-2014 01:09 AM in reply to: cjn01

Hi cjn01,


Now in Revit, you can't export the DWG Layer export setting to a txt file. The setting is stored in the project file.


If you want to use the export setup of a project in other projects, you have to use "Transfer Project Standards", check "DWG/DXF Export Setup Settings" category to transfer the settings from one project to another.





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Re: Export to DWG setup .txt file

01-21-2014 06:54 PM in reply to: cjn01

They removed the ability to export the settings to a text file, although you can still import from a previously exported text file.  You may want to create a new project, purge everything you can from it, and then use that file to hold your different export set ups (using Transfer Project Standards to get them into that file and back out into other files), assuming you have more than one set up and that you do not want to keep them all in the template file.

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Re: Export to DWG setup .txt file

06-19-2014 01:00 PM in reply to: LisaDrago

The export .txt is can be found on your computer under: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2013.  I didnt realize your couldnt export the settings to a .txt file anymore.  As soon as I change the settings and then reopen the default layers are back.  Maybe Im missing sometin but if not WTH Autodesk?!  


I hate editing stuff for Revit/ CAD in .txt files with the biggest example being key notes.  Sure you can go buy a plugin and things are snap, but if a company spends 80k a year on Autodesk products you would think simple functionality would be at the core of the program.  Dont even get me started on legend components!!!!  Sometimes I wonder what the developers at Autodesk are thinking and if their CAD and Revit development teams talk to each other?  Dealing with Autodesk is such a love hate relationship!

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Re: Export to DWG setup .txt file

07-02-2014 10:21 AM in reply to: lanl

So I've tried using the 'Transfer Project Standards' method, but it says that there are "no open projects" even though I'm in the project with the export settings that I would like to move to another Revit project. I have been searching high and low for answers, but so far have found nothing that works.


The export dialogue attachment method shown earlier in a previous post works right up until the end. At that point the actual export from Revit is either not made or it is sent off into the abyss, lost forever in a sea of folders buried deep in your 'C' Drive. What kind of file is made? Where does it live? If I knew what I was looking for, I could find it.


Can anyone help here? Or is this another example of glitchy Revit software?



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Re: Export to DWG setup .txt file

07-02-2014 10:59 AM in reply to: nedmcknight

My suggestion is to bring the settings back out of Revit (avoid transfer project standards) by way of modifing the .txt file.  Instead of dealing with a work around and having to keep a seperate .rvt for each clients .dwg settings, you should understand HOW Revit functions IMHO.

I basically used the export settings dialog as a road map as a guide for what to add to the .txt.  It took a little practice to ensure the .txt was set up correctly but once you get the hang of it, its very intuative.  Too bad Autodesk doesnt all you to just export the settings from Revit striaght to a custom .txt as was previously an option (prior to R12 I think) HINT HINT Autodesk!

Keep in mind that you'll likely want to have an image of the CAD color settings handy too so that you can set those when you add the lines of text in the .txt.  I hope that makes sense?  If not here are some screen shots.

I tend to ramble with writing so Ive included a PDF of the process to help.  Let me know if you still have questions.


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Re: Export to DWG setup .txt file

11-17-2014 04:04 AM in reply to: cjn01

post to a wrong position soory.

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