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existing walls

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09-06-2012 03:12 AM


I have a problem and maybe someone can help me! :smileysad:

I'm designing an addition to an existing building.

I'm working with PHASES so i can show my clients the before and after.

my problem is that when i try to use the render option for the wxixting part all the windows and walls are the same.

i can't see the materials, like glass...

the new floors and windows and stuff work excellent


what am i doing wrong!?



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Re: existing walls

09-06-2012 12:40 PM in reply to: cookie4

Create a new view to render from (or duplicate the current view you are trying to work with)

While you are in the view, go to the Properties Palette, and (near the bottom) change the "Phase Filter" property to "Show Complete".

This will cause all elements to be displayed/rendered using the "actual" material, rather than the "Existing" override material that is applied to elements when the elements' phase is in the past, compared to the phase of the current view.




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