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Electrical Fixtures - Same as in Revit MEP?

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02-22-2009 06:51 AM
We don't own Revit MEP but may in the future. In our business we don't do wiring diagrams because they woulod be too complicated to show. Instead we tag electrical outlets to a schedule that gives info on what they are and where they run. But in case we do end up using Revit MEP, I'd like to know if the electrical fixtures, and plumbing fixtures for that matter, that come with Revit Architecture are the same families or do the MEP ones come with different or additional parameters. We're creating a library of equipment that includes each piece's dedicated utilities and I'd hate to have to change them all out later, especially as we will be adding Shared Parameters of our own.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Electrical Fixtures - Same as in Revit MEP?

02-22-2009 09:42 AM in reply to: paul.ashley
Yes they are the same fixture. Revit Architecture users can download Revit MEP for free and have access to the complete MEP library.

We also provide content creation services via

Don't forget to add LEED parameters as well to help calculate heating and cooling loads.
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Re: Electrical Fixtures - Same as in Revit MEP?

09-06-2012 05:21 AM in reply to: paul.ashley or anyone;

The manufacturer I am currently working for, recently purchased Revit 2011 Architecture and I have been hired to make families / 3D models for their product lines with it.  They made inquiries which Revit version they should use and were told Revit Architecture.  I used MEP at a former manufacturer but this is a first for me using the Architecture version of Revit.


The electrical shared parameters don't seem to be supported or work as well, as I remember in Revit MEP.  I say that because I am getting dialog boxes that say some of them cannot be used.  The list I am using came from my former employer’s web site where they have them accessible to the public.  Am I correct in my assumption or am I missing something?


I don’t want to get far into this project only to find I actually should be using MEP.


The product line has electric motors, various control boxes, equipment power to the control box, power from the control box out to motors, etc.  Users of the product will chose motor speed, gross capacity, and motor HP as some of the main choice options in the type catalog.


My questions include;

  1. Would Revit MEP 2011 be a better choice for this application or will Architecture be okay with the MEP download you mention?  It seems to be sufficient for the most part.
  2. What are the specifics for the download you mention?  I know free downloads are available for students and for a trial basis.  But those may not be enough for what we need seeing saving and some other functionality are not available and I am not a student.  How is this accomplished?
  3. The original post was 3-1/2 years ago, so does this apply now (that is for the free download you mention)?


Thank you for any information you can provide.



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