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03-06-2009 08:40 AM
Where is the divide command? Is there even one? If not, what's the best way to mark the equal divisions of a line/arc?
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Re: Divide?

03-06-2009 10:01 AM in reply to: joseg
I had the same problem too and I know is very useful in AutoCAD but in RA as fas as I know there is none. What I do I use reference planes and offset them or copied them at the desire distance. It takes time but is the only way I know.
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Re: Divide?

03-09-2009 03:35 PM in reply to: joseg
The array command can be useful, have you tried it for what you are looking to do?
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Re: Divide?

03-10-2009 08:17 AM in reply to: joseg
draw lines or reference plane at arbitrary distances. then use a dimension string and click the "EQ" to make the distances equal. It's a bit annoying that you then have to go back and delete the dimension string, but it's almost as fast as 'divide' in AutoCAD.
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Re: Divide?

11-11-2012 03:23 AM in reply to: joseg

The "divide" command is not available yet?

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