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Deleting a Level

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07-28-2012 08:33 AM



I acidentally created 2 levels representing the third floor.  This is confusing and no doubt will lead to unexpected behavior when the model gets more complex.  How can I delete a level?



go to any section elevation and choose the level to delete it.

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Re: Deleting a Level

07-28-2012 09:27 AM in reply to: sheenasharp

Just generally speaking, levels are the most critical part

of a model. The floors get tied to the levels and the walls

get tied to the floors etc. I guess like a house of cards 

built up high, if all the horizontal cards just diapeared,

all the other cards would come crashing down.


But the "name" of Revit MEANS "Revise instantly".


And what would be the most commen thing you would

want to "revise" in the middle of project, would robably be

ceiling height. Those MEP guys can really get to battling

it out with what the owners want to spend on ceiling height.


So we need to think from the start about how everything

progressively gets attached to a level. That way we will

know how to unattach everything in reverse to leave

that level completely free, to in most cases move the

level, or if for some reason delete it.


Having said all that, yes levels can easily be deleted and

created. You can use levels just to line things up, and

not even give them a name, and then delete them.


To delete a level, just highlight it and push your delete 

key. To create a level, I just right-click another lever

and click "creat similar".

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Re: Deleting a Level

07-28-2012 12:58 PM in reply to: vector3

Nice reply,  and I appreciate the info (and it reinforces my desire to have no confusion with levels.)


However, just to be clear:  I beleive what happened was the plan view of the level had been deleted,

THE LEVEL IS STILL THERE, as a few walls are attached to it.

which view do I use to ensure that the level itself is deleted, (I will rebuild any resultant deleted hosted elements)


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Re: Deleting a Level

07-28-2012 03:23 PM in reply to: sheenasharp

You seem to be a clear thinker and will
do well understanding Revit.


But here's the deal. Some people get
right on track and understand most of
everything well in 3,4 or 5 years. I'm
getting close to there but I've always
been a little slow coming on 6 years.

And then there are some people that
don't seem like they will ever be able
to put it all together in their mind.

(Maybe they just need to eat some 

salmon fish or sardines).

Virtual modelling of buildings is just
as complex as it is in manufacturing.
Very complex. Take these levels for

example. You can delete Level 1 under

Floor Plan views, but you didn't delete

level 1. You can still see it in an
elevation view just like it was, and you

can see it in Site Plan.

You can't see Level 1 by dropping the
depth of the view from level 2, because
it's not there, your deleted it.


You can restore what you deleted by
going to the View Tab> Plan Views> Floor
Plans. But you better uncheck that "do not
duplicate" or you won't see the one you
want. But there are plenty more mysteries
involving levels to be sure.


So if you have read this far then you
can see the point I'm making. Don't go to
deep into mastering all the mysteries of
all the many many areas to understand in
Revit. Or else you won't be able to start
using Revit at all.

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Re: Deleting a Level

07-30-2012 04:22 AM in reply to: sheenasharp

go to any section elevation and choose the level to delete it.

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Re: Deleting a Level

07-31-2012 09:44 PM in reply to: parveen.revit

This should be the right way to delete a level.

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