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Re: Default Family Parameters - can we edit them?

10-16-2012 09:36 PM in reply to: aesdaile.w

If I understand correctly, you used to have a template of the Casework category, made in a previous version of Revit, which you had been able to edit to remove the Finish parameter. What happens when you open the same old template in 2013?

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Re: Default Family Parameters - can we edit them?

10-16-2012 11:47 PM in reply to: Alfredo_Medina

Open old template in 2013 - The 'Finish' parameter is automatically created as a TEXT parameter.


Any EXISITING parameter named 'Finish' (INCLUDING Shared Parameters!) is automatically RENAMED to 'FINISH1'. Of course this breaks Shared Parameters and mayhem ensues.


Any attempt to insert a FAMILY created in previous versions with the 'Finish' parameter removed results in the 'Finish' Parameter being added.


Any attempt to insert a FAMILY with an existing parameter called 'Finish' that is NOT a TEXT field results in a failed insert - 'Cannot create parameter - load cancelled' or error message to that effect.


I have since unpacked the RTF/RFA format to see if the structure was something simple like XML that I could tweak, but no, it's some form of encoding, and I don't have access to disassembly tools here! The file format is interesting however, and does contain some form of XML / text fileds which give me some clues as to how people are writing apps that find things like Revit Version Numbers from families. I notice that all the templates that ship OOTB with Revit 2013 still claim to be made by the BETA vesrion in February 2012 by the way... :catlol:


Why some of this data could not be exposed in a 'MANAGER'S MODE' of Revit is a bit beyond me, and yes I am aware of the older versions debug mode - it would make some of the aspects of managing a BIM system MUCH easier! Perhaps a command-line switch to activate 'BIM MANAGER / CAT HERDER MODE'?


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Re: Default Family Parameters - can we edit them?

03-14-2014 02:34 AM in reply to: aesdaile.w

try to do ...

- Change Family Category by Generic model, then modify parameter names, then change family category by original.
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