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Curtain Wall Panel family with a copy of the project model in it?

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01-03-2012 11:00 AM

I have some weird behavior going on when trying to edit a custom curtain wall panel. I created a custom curtain wall panel family to use for my precast wall panels. I load it into the project and use it as a panel in a curtain wall system. Pretty straighforward procedure. 

However, when I click 'edit family', an entire copy of the building model is INSIDE THE PANEL FAMILY!!! I've never seen this before. There are now levels and grids inside the CW panel family too. If I try to reload the family into the project, I now get an error message because of the additional content inside the family. 

The building model itself was created by making a group of the exterior of a building, then linking that group. The exterior group is now the exterior file, and this is what the curtain wall panel family is being loaded into. This shouldn't be a problem, but it's the only thing I can think of that is out of the ordinary SOP. The panel family was created using the OOTB family template for that. The panel is for now just a rectangle. 

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Re: Curtain Wall Panel family with a copy of the project model in it?

01-04-2012 01:04 PM in reply to: ArchInc00

Also getting the following error:


"There are elements in the document that exist in a context they should not.  These elements must be deleted to continue using this project or family."

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Re: Curtain Wall Panel family with a copy of the project model in it?

01-05-2012 03:28 PM in reply to: ArchInc00

I suspect that a group within the project file is causing this issue. Check for a group that contains most or all of the elements within the project file. If you find a group like this, try going through the following steps:
1. If the project is workshared, disable worksharing (using the Detach from Central checkbox and select to discard worksets when prompted, this only works in the 2012 and later versions of Revit).
2. Select an instance of the group, ungroup it, and with the elements of the group still selected, create a new group.
3. In the Project Browser right click on the original group, and click Select All Instances -> In Entire Project.
4. If there are any instances of the original group selected, use the Type Selector to change them to the new group.
5. Now that there are no instances of the original group in the project, delete the original group using the Project Browser.
6. Delete the Curtain Wall Panel family using the Project Browser (make sure you still have a copy available outside the project).
Note: If you have instances of the Curtain Wall Panel family placed in the project, select them all, and temporarily change them to a different type (which is not being used in the project).
7. Save the project to a new name
8. Load the Curtain Wall Panel family back into the project.
Note: Before loading the family back into the project, open it directly and verify that the family only contains the elements you want.
9. Verify that when editing the family, only the expected family geometry is present.

If you don't find a suspect group in the project, you can try creating a backup of the project, ungroup all of the groups in the project, remove the Curtain Wall Panel family, reload it, and then see if the issue continues. (This should quickly tell you if one of the groups is causing the issue.)

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