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Creating the same render visuals for multiple materials

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08-29-2012 04:19 AM

I am having difficulty with creating a render material for multiple components in Revit 2011. 

I have created the house with preset render materials for each wall etc, however, if I wanted to change all of the render materials to the same image, is there any quick way of doing this than having to go into each individual material and change the render image?


is there any way of doing different render layers? I know in Autodesk Maya it's possible to create different layers for renders if you are trying to show different materials or present different ideas. 


For example, the walls are made up of brick and plasterboard, so if i wanted the change the whole wall to white, would I have to go into plasterboard, change it to white, and then go into the brick and change that to white? or can I click something to makes both of them into white automatically?


Thanks for the help

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