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Corrupted file

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11-12-2012 05:50 PM

When I open up my Revit file, it says that it is corrupted and that I should contact Autodesk Support? How can I retrieve my Revit file?

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Re: Corrupted file

11-13-2012 04:28 AM in reply to: odette92

Depending on what 'type' of file depends on the backup.........If it's a standalone rvt file, look for the backups that end with .0001, .0002....these numbers and sequencing depends on how often you accessed and and saved the rvt file. have a workshared "central file", you can use the backup folder that goes with it and restored back to some time when you knew it was'll need to create new 'local' files afterward tho.......


IF...workshared, AND the central is can backup your local file.......and save as a new Central......same procedures as restoring Central files......just saving as a new central afterward and creating new local is ectra steps involved.


One other option that sometimes works for corrupt files....rather than open the file thru the Recent Files UI, go to Open>file>pick your file and check the audit box, and see what happens.  Can us this method with workshared also,,,,,bjust clcik on the Detach from Central box and click tha audit box when doing so..........if it can be salvaged, then again just save as new Central File and create new local(s).





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Re: Corrupted file

11-29-2012 10:02 PM in reply to: mike



What happens if the backup files ".0001, .0002" etc are also corrupted? Is there still a way of recovering that file?

Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance

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Re: Corrupted file

12-02-2012 06:52 PM in reply to: raja15

Try this link


Otherwise you can send the file to Autodesk for hopeful recovery but that does take time

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