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Collaboration - Copy Monitor

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12-11-2012 01:21 PM

I am collaborating withb another architect and In the situation with copy monitor, when the architect #1 is doing all the interior and architect #2 is doing the exterior.  Architect #1 generates the floor slab.  Architect #2 copy/monitors the floor slab using the same settings (after linked revit file by architect #1 is loaded).  The slab then is part of architect #2's model and then makes changes to align with wall at an exterior wall.  Revit then recognizes that there is a difference between both models and then a Coordination Review is required.  However, architect #2 makes the change which prompts that Coordination Review.  What happens when architect #2 then sends architect #1 revit model to be linked into project?  Revit doesn't recognize change from architect #2 when revit model is linked into architect #1 file?  Why?  It seems that this would be more productive than always having to contact architect #1 to modify slab to the needs of architect #2.  Copy monitor slab then seems to be irrelevant for architect #2 and having to rely on architect #1 to make changes.  Am I missing something in this process?


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Re: Collaboration - Copy Monitor

12-11-2012 02:08 PM in reply to: MS_jkimc65

An advice from experienced users and BIM managers is to use Copy/Monitor for levels and grids, only.  The other stuff  can be coordinated in the old way, with simple communication, phone calls, etc, to avoid the headache/nightmare. Levels and grids are essential, and Copy/Monitor is good for that.

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Re: Collaboration - Copy Monitor

12-12-2012 05:22 AM in reply to: MS_jkimc65

Kim,  Copy/Monitor only works one way.  What needs to happen is Arch #1 need to link Arch #2 model, adjust his slab to the Exterior walls as needed.  That way when #2 reloads, the slab is where it need to be for arch 2.





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