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Cannot save Revit file on Mac server

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04-03-2012 03:08 AM

Hi there,

Revit Architecture installed on a windows PC, use a Mac server for the fileserver.  We are unable to save “. Rvt”  files to the server.  This seems to be a known problem, but I am unable to find a solution.

Did anyone experienced the same problem?



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Re: Cannot save Revit file on Mac server

04-03-2012 08:49 AM in reply to: HHConsult

I'm no Mac Server expert, but--


Is it possible to run BootCamp or Parallels on a Mac Server?


If so, the server would run Windows Server OS, and the Revit files would be saved that way?

Cliff B. Collins
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Re: Cannot save Revit file on Mac server

04-04-2012 09:10 AM in reply to: ccollins

It is possible to save .rvt files to a mac server, it needs to have a few things addressed first.

Are you running 10.6 or 10.7 on the server?

Are you able to navigate to the folders that you would like to save to?

In right clicking on them and accesing 'properties', do you have permissions to write to the folder?

If you are able to access the Server application on the server,

Does your folder appear under a sharepoint and, click the gear at the bottom and click 'edit share point', does it have 'Share with Windows clients (SMB)' checked?


for a start..




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Re: Cannot save Revit file on Mac server

07-20-2012 11:33 AM in reply to: GPR_MN

I am having the same issue.  We are running apple server 10.6.3, and I have already checked the user accounts and made sure all acounts have read write permissions.  We haven't had this issue with any other software, even CAD can save to the Mac server

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Re: Cannot save Revit file on Mac server

10-25-2012 12:53 PM in reply to: HHConsult

We have the same problem saving to a Mac Mini Server running 10.8 Mountain Lion.  Revit will open files fine off of the server, but when trying to save, Revit hangs and you have to force it to quit.  I'm pretty sure it's an issue with Apple's version of Samba that they changed to in 10.7, but other programs have no problem saving to these shares, so I'm not sure why Revit is any different.

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Re: Cannot save Revit file on Mac server

03-13-2013 11:51 PM in reply to: HHConsult



I am experiencing  the same problem for one of my architect studio clients. We have recently had to upgrade them to the 10.8.2 server, since the upgrade every time they try and save a Revit file onto the server it crashes the Revit application. 


The client machines are running Windows 7 SP1 with latest Revit.


I am really stuck trying to solve this issue. Has anyone else experienced this or found a solution?






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