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Cannot connect Revit Local Server

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07-06-2011 02:54 AM

We have been trying to set up a Revit Server for Revit Architecture 2012 for quite a while now, but nothing seem to work.


What we want to accomplish is a Revit Server collarboration between three different companies. The Revit Central
Server will be hosted at one company and the other two will use Revit Local Servers connected to the Central Server.


The Revit Central Server is successfully installed and up and running. No problem accessing the revitserveradmin or connecting to the Server from Revit.


Now to our problem. A Local Revit Server has been installed at one of the companies (only one for testing purposes), but when trying to access the revitserveradmin we get the following message "Revit Server Administrator is not available. Contact your administrator, or try again.". Trying to connect to the Local Server from Revit gives the following error message ”Revit server malws15 was not found. Check the name or IP address of the server and try again.”


We have done all the prerequisites and even the File & Printer Sharing Firewall Exception for both Revit Servers. We have also tried shutting down the firewall on both Revit Servers, with no result. The two servers can ping each other, so some kind of communication is establised.


We assume that each firms firewall prevents us from making this work. Does anyone know which ports in the firewalls that need to be opened for this? Or is there something else we are missing?


Thankful for any help we can get!


/Nina Pikulik

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Re: Cannot connect Revit Local Server

07-06-2011 06:06 AM in reply to: nina.pikulik

The main requirement for all client workstations and local \ central servers is that all are online, reside on the network DNS, and are pingable by both IP address and DNS address from the client workstation.  For example, is there a VPN connection between the 2 offices?


Once that is verified, and there is still an issue, there are some items below:


1.  Verify the firewall setting on the client workstation.  Ensure there are no additional third-party firewall applications running.  For the Windows Firewall ensure there is an exception for File & Printer Sharing.  Ensure the user has not previously blocked ports 80 and 808.  Port 80 is the http port for Revit Server Administrator.  Port 808 is used for TCP communication for all data and permissions traffic between client workstations and Revit Server[s].  Verify these ports or ranges are open as needed.


2.  Verify if one of the users can connect to Revit Server Administrator from their client workstation to the local server they are connected to.  For example, they would open Internet Explorer and enter the following address, substituting <RevitLocalServerName> with their Local Server name:


3.  On the Revit Server, navigate to Start menu > run > inetmgr.  Expand the root node in the left hand pane (it will have the name of the Revit server host machine).  Expand: Sites > Default Web Site.  Select DataService, and then in the middle pane, select "Content View." Right-click on DataService.svc > Browse.  Right-click > Manage Application > Advanced Settings.  Verify Enabled Protocols reads similar to http,net.tcp




4.  Verify the Projects and Cache directories specified in the Revit Server installation.  Make sure that each folder location has the Creator Owner Windows Security Group, with Special Permissions set to Allow:


Thank you,

Ryan Duell
Autodesk, Inc.

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