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Re: Can't paste these elements at this height because ...

08-31-2012 04:03 PM in reply to: surfcrazy



I've been having a similar problem that I (sort of?) fixed. For the below exercise, I recommend you make and play with copies of your two models, because you'll be deleting stuff and don't want to inadvertently screw anything up permanently.


Revit MEP 2013

Windows 7, 64-bit, etc.



When attempting to Transfer Project Stands of View Templates and Filters from one project to another, I get an "These standards cannot be transferred", Error 1 message.


I basically discovered that one of my view templates was failing the transfer, causing the whole operation to fail. (it was a working 3D isometric view). I wound up deleting it, recreating the template manually, and was able to transfer the whole batch of view templates and filters.


Below I describe my process for discovering which view template was the culprit.


Solution Workflow

In model I want to transfer standards to:

Delete all existing View Templates

Delete all filters


In Model I'm transferring from (our template .rvt): 


In all plan views view templates, uncheck "View Range" and "V/G Imports" (I didn't verify if this is necessary).



-Attempt to transfer all of my view templates and filters from the template to the project (it fails).

-Go into my .rvt and delete half of my view templates, noting which ones I delete.

-Attempt to transfer the remaining view templates from the .rvt to the project (it succeeds). I now know that the offending view template(s) is in the half that I deleted.

-In the project, CTRL-Z so it's back to no view tempaltes and no filters.

-Do the same to the .rvt so I'm back to all my view templates.

-This time, delete all of the view templates that successfully transferred last time (they're not the problem).

-Then, delete half of your remaining view templates.

-Attempt to transfer again.

-In this manner, isolate which view template(s) are failing the transfer. Delete them and recreate them (you can get a little fancy with this to avoid redoing a lot of work). 

This is how I fixed our problem, and our .rvt is now able to transfer all our view templates.



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Re: Can't paste these elements at this height because ...

01-10-2013 11:11 AM in reply to: tylerjd

What I discovered is when you create a 3d View or Walkthrough, it automatically creates a new view template.  Revit (at least 2012) does not like to trandfer those view templates.  


I just delete the all my 3D Views and Walkthrough view templates (you create new ones anyway) and it should transfer the rest of your view templates just fine.  


Hope that helps... Revit on!

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